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An avid entrepreneur and educator, T.J. Davidson and wife Joy, began Timber Creek Ranch after managing a productive ranch consisting of sheep, swine and Hereford cattle. In a time when black Angus cattle were in high demand, T.J.  identified an opportunity to invest in Red Angus genetics with the foresight that they would soon be as sought after as their black counterparts. He gathered the family and traveled the country visiting breeders like Ed Olsen and Lynn Pelton to bring back sound, functional and dependable genetics. Shortly after, T.J. and Joy took advantage of an opportunity to relocate their farm by purchasing land in Marietta, Oklahoma. The gentle rolling native grass pastures, small creeks, and groves of pecan trees soon became known as Timber Creek Ranch.


Together, the extended family works in tandem to produce dependable cattle that are well regarded in the show ring and a force to be recokend with in the pasture. They are constantly seeking top genetics from across the U.S and Canada to build their herd and genetic database. By producing outstanding females and powerful bulls, such as TWG Tommy Jack, TWG Tango, TWG Red Eye Special and partnering with top Red Angus producers, Timber Creek has expanded their reach and is excited to see Timber Creek bred genetics popping up in sale catalogs throughout the country. With a trip to Marietta, Oklahoma, you will not only find cattle to add to your herd or show program, but you'll also find a family that pours their heart into the land and the animals they love. The ultimate goal of TCR is provide customers the animals needed to meet their goals.


We believe in producing cattle that fit a variety of needs which includes the seedstock producer looking to advance their herd, the commercial producer wanting to add performance, and the  showman looking for 'the one'. TCR welcomes junior exhibitors and calf scramble certificates. Your visit to TCR will be a positive, tailored experience.

Agriculture education is at the heart of our family and we love sharing our passion with you.

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