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Red Eye Special
Tommy Jack


"A good bull is half the herd...

A poor bull is all of it."

 -T.J. Davidson, 1976


RAAA #: 3962379


A leader of our herd and a leader in the industry. Triple Crown-winning sire “Red Eye” was named Grand Champion Red Angus bull at the American Royal, North American, and the Annual Cattleman’s Congress in 2021. 


Red Eye has an incredible phenotype, sound as they come, perfect on his feet and legs, loaded with muscle, and best of all, his color is lights out cool looking.

Owned with Kip Wallace Cattle Company. 

Semen for sale via Private TreatyGenesource, and Bovine Elite


RAAA #: 1662579

This will forever be our favorite bull. Why you ask? Look at him! Beyond Tommy Jack's good looks, he's also named after the late T.J. Davidson:  the rock of our family and the founder of our ranch. 

Let's talk business. Tommy Jack is an impressive individual that represents the new look and design of the Red Angus breed featuring a flawless profile, ultra-smooth pattern and tremendous structural correctness.


TJ's sire, Six Mile Game Face, is a rare combination of Calving Ease and Explosive Growth. He was the record high selling bull when he sold for $65,000 for half interest. Game Face ranks in the top 10% of breed for Weaning Weight and Yearling Weight and the top 4% for positive carcass numbers.


TJ's dam, Damar Passion, is one of the most powerful Mulberry daughters in existence, winning the 'Texas Triple Crown" for Thomas.

Owned with Blairs.Ag, Saskatchewan, Canada and Brylor Ranch, Alberta Canada. 

Semen for sale private treaty


RAAA #: 3534904

Let's Tango! You'll definitely want to save a dance for this bull.

Check out this bull's profile. He's long bodied, big boned, bold ribbed, deep sided and powerful. Top top it off, Tango ties all of this volume and mass into an attractive and extended front end that you'll appreciate... especially in your females!

Tango is out of Kargo on the top side and a Full Throttle daughter on the bottom. 25% semen interest in Tango sold for $40,000 in the 2018 Western Heritage Red Angus Sale. Did we mention how valuable Kargo genetics are? 

We own Tango in partnership with JCL Ranch of Oklahoma, Thomas Ranch of South Dakota, Rust Mountain View Ranch of North Dakota. 

Tango semen is available for export everywhere except China or EU!

Contact usPure Beef Genetics, GenesourceBovine Elite, or Cattle Visions to get your Tango semen.


RAAA #: 1599311

We had the unique opportunity to purchase Kargo from Blairs.Ag in April of 2015 with our good neighbors and friends, 7K Red Angus. Kargo has been a standout bull for Blairs.Ag, greatly influencing their Red and Black Angus line. Since being at Timber Creek Ranch, Kargo has sired numerous champions, notably the 2016 Reserve National Champion Red Angus Female. 

If you like this bull, now is the time to invest in Kargo genetics as he is no longer with us and the opportunities to buy are becoming more and more rare. In Blairs.Ag 2018 Online Genetic Focus sale, 6 units of Kargo semen sold for $1800.

Semen for sale private treaty.


RAAA #: 3533021

In partnership with 7K ranch, we purchased this stout Reckoning son from Six Mile Ranch, Saskatchewan, Canada in their 2016 Bull Sale. 

Red Six Mile Duchess 570R is a "CAA Elite Dam" and a daughter of the Jensen Cactus Canyon bull. 

With impressive weaning and yearling weight EPDs, we have been impressed with the growth, style and performance of his first calves.

Semen for sale private treaty.


RAAA #: 3786669

Another partnership with 7K ranch, we purchased this powerful Reckoning son from Six Mile Ranch in their 2017 Bull Sale. Can you tell we like Reckoning genetics? 

Diablo has the best of genetics on both sides of his loaded pedigree. His dam, Shawnee 116T, strikes again. She is a true herd bull producer and very deserving of her "CAA Elite Dam" status. With an average weaning index on natural calves of 107. She is the dam of the Genex Sire Win-Chester, the Denver Champion, Taurus, and the $36K Ruger bull. 


Diablo is sired by Reckoning - a bull that has exceeded our expectations in terms of bringing so many top traits to the table. His sons are solid structured, stout, and well made and his daughters are now ringing the bell as well with impeccable udder structure.

Semen for sale private treaty.

DAMAR NEXT D852 "Lexus"

RAAA #: 3598408

We are extremely excited about this new addition to our Red Angus calving ease lineup!!  Lexus has a super complete balanced set of EPDs and CARRYING-TOP 1% IN PHENOTYPE!  He is super long bodied, perfect wide hip with muscle carrying all the way down his stifle.  Ties in perfectly behind his shoulders.  Has the look you have been looking for in a calving ease red angus bull!


Timber Creek owns "Lexus" in partnership with 7K Red Angus, Troy Thomas of South Dakota, and Cloud 9 Ranch of Wisconsin. 

Contact usPure Beef GeneticsBovine Elite, or Cattle Visions to get your Damar Next D852 "Lexus" Semen.

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